There are few brands that have been ingrained in the American culture as deep and as long as Joy. Introduced by Procter & Gamble in 1949, Joy entered the stage at the same time as America’s first sitcom, The Goldbergs, the release of George Orwell’s 1984, and the formation of the National Basketball League (NBA). The first Emmy Awards were presented, the first Polaroid camera was sold and Joy became one of the first nationally marketed dishwashing soaps, going on to lead the dishwashing category in many firsts. Along with one of the earliest and longest running sponsors of soap operas (hence the name), Joy began the trend of citrus-scented dishwashing soap, choosing the scent of lemons over chemicals – a trend we still see today. Joy was also the first to be packaged in a plastic bottle and the first dishwashing liquid to emphasize performance in its advertising.


In 2019, after 70 years innovating and developing alongside the American household, P&G sold the brand to newly formed JoySuds LLC, who is embarking on a plan to reinvigorate and expand the Joy product offerings and distribution. Today, JoySuds consists of Joy’s core products, including Joy and Joy Ultra and the newly added Orange Joy. Along with its retail line, JoySuds has taken over Cream Suds, a powder-based dish detergent with a history dating back to 1906, known for its pleasant baby powder scent and extreme cleaning effectiveness. Along with Cream Suds, there’s also Joy Professional, a commercial grade liquid detergent formula commonly used in restaurants, hotels and other commercial settings due to its high concentration of surfactants and cleaning effectiveness.

For 73 years, Joy has prided itself on its American values, which are inherently Kosher values – integrity, honesty, and quality. And those values stem from every aspect of the Joy business. As an OU Kosher certified brand, Joy believes that quality is found both on and off the shelf. Starting with the ingredients, every aspect of Joy maintains the highest standards and regulations to produce a product that can live up to its name and reputation. To be OU Kosher certified means to care – about the ingredients, the production and most importantly, the consumer. It means paying attention to the details, it means being thorough, it means knowing how your product is made and where everything comes from. For a brand as old and iconic at Joy, those standards are inherent.