Our Story:
Gary started keeping bees when he was 11 years old.  Upon getting his masters degree in business he sold his hives & took a corporate job that he held for 25 years.  Due to the failing health of a beloved lab named Bullfrog, Gary left his corporate job & once again began keeping bees.
Beekeeping allowed him to do the two things he loved the most…playing with bees & spending time with Bullfrog.
We are also proud sponsors of the ASPCA and help to raise money for the animal shelters here in Florida.  It is also our way of keeping the spirit of Bullfrog alive.
To this day we are still a family owned and operated business, who now has 3 dogs.  All rescues.
 At I Heart Bees we believe everyone should live life to the fullest.  Do what you love & love what you do.
What it means to be Kosher:
 Getting our Kosher certification was very important to us.  Knowing that we can now make our products available to the many customers in Florida who look for this was something we wanted to do from the beginning.
Our Product Line:
Florida Summer honey- sweet and buttery; this is the beekeeper Gary’s favorite.
Florida Spring w/Orange Blossom honey- the orange blossom gives this a citrus taste
Florida Fall honey- has a spicy finish; Brazilian pepper is a big bloom in Florida in the fall and as expected has a peppery taste.
Florida Allergy- a combination of all the honey from the entire year blended together so that you get some of everything that blooms in Florida.  If you take local honey to help with allergies, then this is the best one to use.
Ginger Honey- This is organic ginger blended with Florida summer honey
Strawberry Honey- This is organic strawberry blended with Florida summer honey