Aimee first started creating her amazing granola after her husband became ill and her house was cleared of all dairy, sugar, and meat. She discovered just how good her homemade granola was when she started giving it out as Shaloch Manos (gifts given on the holiday of Purim.) Her friends and neighbors were asking for more granola, eschewing the candy they got from others. That’s when Aimee knew she had a hit on her hands.

Granolachik granola bars are made without any artificial ingredients; no refined sugar and chocolate chips made with coconut sugar especially for Granolachik products. They are sweetened with maple syrup and olive oil and only use real vanilla extract.

Granolachik has a special seasonal flavor every few months. They are also beginning to sell a granola bark grab-and-go in colleges, cafes and offices across the country!

Aimee at Granolachik commented that “The minute we told people we were OU the product became a big seller. OU is nationwide, and a well known certification. Everyone knows what OU is! From the manufacturers point of view the OU label has been a great selling point.”