Make It Sushi Night or Switch Up Your Lunch Routine:

Don’t wrap your rolls in just anything. gimMe Sushi Nori is made from the highest-grade organic seaweed on the planet. The light, roasted flavor of our seaweed is the perfect complement to your favorite ingredients – ideal for making restaurant-style maki and hand rolls, or as a tortilla alternative when making wraps. Low in calories, low in carbs, and keto-friendly!

Our Partnership With OU

gimMe is proud to partner with OU, the world’s largest and most recognized kosher certification agency, for the kosher certification of our restaurant-quality Sushi Nori. The OU symbol has come to signify quality around the world and is trusted by consumers who follow kosher diets.

gimMe recognizes the Kosher advantage and is appreciative of OU for supporting us in our mission to turn seaweed – the most delicious, nutritious, and environmentally-sustainable vegetable in the world – into an absolute snacking sensation!