Eat the Change® is a new Bethesda, MD based company created by activist entrepreneur Seth Goldman and celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn. Since food choices represent our single biggest daily opportunity to make an environmental impact, let’s Snack to the Future™!  We’re on a mission to change it up with chef-crafted and nutrient dense foods that are more delicious, and more kind to the planet.

All Eat the Change® products are organic, vegan, and minimally processed.  Get Ready for Lift-off with our newest offering launching in early 2022!  Cosmic Carrot Chews™ are a nutrient dense alternative to “fruit snacks,” but made with just four simple ingredients like organic carrots and organic fruit juice.

We offer three delicious varieties that are organic and OU kosher certified: Orange Mango Moonbeam, Sour Cherry Berry Blast-Off, and Apple Cinnamon Asteroid.  Each pouch includes a full serving of carrots and is an excellent source of vitamin A. Both kid and parent approved with an out of this world taste, these will be a lunchbox favorite.

Eat the Change® is not only a packaged food brand but also a call-to-action, empowering consumers to make dietary choices aligned with their concerns around climate and health. With our planet-based commitments, we’re expanding the possibilities of what a more sustainable food system could look like.  Eat the Change® supports responsible and regenerative farming by choosing organic ingredients, such as mushrooms and carrots, that are low water usage crops.

As part of our commitment to supporting biodiversity and celebrating our incrEDIBLE planet, we also avoid the 6 biggest crops that represent more than half of all agricultural output: sugar, corn, rice, wheat, potatoes, and soy. Through our ETC Impact Grants program, we’re donating $1.25MM across three years to national and community based non-profit organizations that promote planet-friendly diets.