Dream Pretzels is one of the most creative baked snacks companies in the US. We always dream and strive for the perfect pretzel…and deliver!

Our Pressels bring a new, healthier alternative snack to the potato and tortilla category as thinner, snack sized pretzels. They are both crunchy and tasty with great flavors and less fat than potato chats and much less sodium than all other pretzels on the market. A great alternative for all the people looking for a “better for you” snacking solution.


Our Pressel pretzels have no MSG, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no white sugar and no trans fat. They come in flavors such as sea salt, sesame, everything and sriracha.

Dream Pretzels products are manufactured by Meir Bagel in Israel. A fully automated, state of the art factory with high standards and as strict quality control as a pharmaceutical company.

We work with a “Just On Time” system to ensure the freshness of raw materials and products. Every product we produce is 100% vegan.