Founded more than a century ago Diamond of California has a strong heritage that is epitomized by our mission statement: “By Honoring nature’s ingredients, we make food people love.” Since 1912, when we were started by a group of California walnut farmers, Diamond of California was on a mission to bring the bounty from California’s central valley walnut farms to America’s tables. From the beginning, we sought out the very best ingredients with the knowledge that Diamond nuts would be used in treasured and new family recipes.


Diamond of California offers fresh, high quality, and great tasting nuts for every occasion. From whole or chopped to sliced or slivered, we offer a wide range of nut sizes, styles, chop types and varieties of nuts—both in and out of their shells – all to help you prepare delicious, balanced, and heart-healthy meals as quickly and as easily as possible. This includes shelled and in-shell walnuts, pecans, almonds, nut pie crusts, black walnuts, macadamias, pine nuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, roasted/glazed nut toppings, flavored snack nuts, and nut + fruit blends.

At Diamond, we recognize that our people are the source of our strength. We value a culture of passion, commitment, enthusiasm and integrity. Simply put, we are nuts about nuts! We demonstrate our commitment by offering superior quality and reliability with continuous innovation to support home cooks everywhere.

One of the numerous ways we uphold our commitment to quality at Diamond of California is to ensure that all of our products are OU Kosher certified and bear the logo on the front of every package. A kosher stamp signifies that all final products, ingredients, facilities, and machinery are approved by a rabbinic agency. All of the products offered by our Diamond of California brand are Kosher Pareve. At Diamond of California, we take pride in providing many products that are vegetarian, heart healthy and OU Kosher certified so they can be enjoyed by all consumers regardless of any dietary considerations.