Dave Elliott Poultry is an OU kosher certified poultry enterprise that spans three generations. They take pride in serving the customer, as well as partnering with established kosher distributors and caterers. Their plant is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which allows them to streamline their operation without sacrificing on quality or safety. Kashrut is not just a requirement to them, but their passion.

Family History

In 1942, David Fink opened David Elliot Poultry that was located on his family farm in Mount Cobb, Pennsylvania. His wife Tobi ran the business office and together they were involved in giving back to the community.

In August of 1957, The Times Tribune (operating at that time in Pennsylvania), featured a picture of David Fink hosting an event for the Women’s League of the Hebrew Day School. He also provided the transportation to the farm where a public picnic was taking place.

These types of events were obviously not an aberration. In August of 1960, the newspaper featured Mrs. Fink regarding the “Women’s League of Hebrew Day School 10th annual picnic and bazaar.” The spread of food offered was lavish and festive. The menu consisted of such foods as barbequed chickens, steak, kugel and kishke.

It’s not surprising then that David Elliot Poultry arranged for students at the Scranton Hebrew Day School to observe kapporot at their school. The students themselves performed the kapporot, swinging the chickens above their heads. A shochet from David Elliot Poultry went as well to give them an authentic feel of all processes involved in general shechitah.


David Elliot Poultry prides itself on offering some niche products within the poultry industry. They offer kosher capons, turkeys and are famous for their Rock Cornish hens. In their factory they freeze all the products and package them. All orders can then be customized.The beauty of David Elliot Poultry is that they are equally dedicated to consumers as they are to distributors and caterers. They have a specific store locator that makes them accessible to everyone.

Operations and Kashrut

David Elliot Poultry raises their chickens on local Pennsylvania farms. They have specific guidelines in the raising of the chicks. They make a custom-made feed blend and never feed the chicks any by-products or unnatural hormones. Though it hurts their bottom-line, because of quality they only process small birds.

Above the chickens on the belt are prepared a customized salt line for kashrut purposes to ensure proper draining of fluids. In general, if any kashrut concern arises in the production process, the chicken will be immediately removed from the line and inspected by the bodek.

Rabbi Moshe Klarberg, a Senior Rabbinic Coordinator who handles David Elliot Poultry, testified: “The owners of David Elliot Poultry Farm, Inc. take their responsibility to Kashrus as a personal obligation, not a job. This started with the company’s founder, David Fink z”l over 75 years ago.”

In terms of quality, many of their partners have attested to their excellence in the poultry arena. As an example, Michael Schick said, “As a company that values great customer service and an even better product, we highly recommend David Elliot Poultry. Their service is reliable and steady, and their product is truly farm-fresh. They never disappoint. Our more that 30-year relationship speaks for itself.”