About Royal Avebe

Royal Avebe is a cooperative of 2,300 arable farmers in the Netherlands and Germany. Each year, the starch potatoes of those members are processed into high-grade ingredients based on potato starch and protein; they add value to food products but also to industrial applications worldwide.

Avebe works continuously on developing new opportunities and applications based on starch potatoes and is focused on sustainable continuity. The company has 1,300 employees and production sites in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden and sales offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. The Head Office is in Veendam.

More information about Avebe can be obtained at: www.avebe.com

Our story

In 1919, a group of Dutch farmers realised that there was more to the potatoes they were growing. Instead of selling their crops themselves, they started a cooperative to find buyers for the starch. That cooperative was Avebe and the starch was the first of a range of products they cultivated from potatoes. And after a 100 years strong, we are still finding it’s potential.
The challenges today’s planet and people face are too big for any one of us to solve. Climate. Nutrition. Health. You simply can’t build a sustainable food system on your own. And most of all, we know what our founders knew: when we work together, we can do it.

By learning how to harness their starch and proteins, Avebe researchers are now unlocking exponentially bigger gains. Plant-based burgers. Milks that require no cow. An end to allergies, e-numbers and unnatural additives. Together – with our customers, employees and members – we can find the healthy and sustainable ideas, foods and products the world so urgently needs.
Join us in this mission.