I took the circuitous route to becoming a momtrepreneur and lollipop maker!
I graduated Law School, had 6 children and was a group exercise instructor and personal trainer. I ran 3 full marathons and 20 half marathons which was amazingly fun for me! I then got a certificate in special event and meeting planning and became an executive director of a small non-profit that empowered women & children.
I was missing my creative side, so I quit my job and developed what I truly love- creating edible sweet treats! I love candy and I love fun graphics, so I put it all together and became a self-taught candy maker. I couldn’t be happier!! I embed 100% edible images inside of hard candy lollipops-and I can personalize anything! I place invitation logos, photos, corporate logos and even match themes and colors to all types of parties. I developed and am the originator of Paint Your Own Lollipops. They have been wildly popular with camps and birthday parties!
I was recently discovered from someone in Hollywood who wanted to include my creations inside a swag bag for the Teen Choice Awards! That has been extremely exciting watching my lollipops being photographed with celebrities.
The OU has always been the gold standard so when I wanted to grow my business- the OU was going to be the way to go! The OU has been outstanding to work with! I have received an abundance of support from everyone with whom I was in contact with and the professionalism shown has been amazing! The OU Hechsher has elevated my lollipops to a new status because it is recognizable everywhere as being top quality and having high standards! I am so grateful to everyone there for helping me on my journey!

Making people happy and smile has been a truly fun and rewarding experience!

I hope you check me out at www.candyaplenty.com.