The Calypso Story

The original, and now famous, Calypso Lemonade recipe was created in 1985 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The idea was simple – make an authentic, delicious lemonade made with real lemons and real sugar. We made the lemonade in small batches and delivered it locally on the company truck.

Through the years, our Original Lemonade grew in popularity. Bolstered by the response to our lemonade recipe, and inspired by the fruits, flavors and spirit of the islands, our Original Lemonade was given the name Calypso in 2000 and grew into four lemonade blends.

Fast forward to 2018; the islands inspiration was brought to life even more with a packaging refresh that heightened appetite appeal with watercolor fruit and island foliage graphics. Over a dozen lemonade, limeade, tea and zero sugar combinations are now available. Calypso is now one of the fastest growing brands in the category and available in over 25 countries.

What it Means to be OU Certified

Calypso is centered around sharing memories and good times with others. By reaching OU Kosher certification status, Calypso can now be shared and enjoyed with even more of the people in your life. Consumers recognize and trust the OU Kosher certification which creates a great opportunity to share our products with many for the first time. Everyone deserves an island escape!

Enjoy a Taste of the Islands and Be Your Island Self!