Situated in the heart of Switzerland, surrounded by a magnificiently idyllic landscape of mountains, bio-familia produces the authentic Swiss Müesli since 1959, when the first Birchermüesli worldwide was produced. We are eager to continue this tradition of bringing the world wholesome and unique cereal goodness grown in harmony and balance with the land.

We are proud to provide three OU products with the Swiss Müesli Original, No Added Sugar and Premium. All these Müesli are based on the original Swiss Bircher recipe, each with its own benefits. To us and to our consumers, the OU quality and label is a huge benefit.

Here at bio-familia, we believe investing in our environment means investing in the future. From supporting organic farming for high-quality ingredients to using 100% renewable energy since 2013, bio-familia is committed to sustainability in all aspects of production. Join our journey to becoming climate positive and learn more about what sustainability means to us at bio-familia.