As we approach Rosh Hashanah where our use of honey for all the Jewish Holidays is at its peak, and where moments can be stressful, we at Bimble think it is particularly timely to introduce our product to the OU community.

Bimble is a great tasting, all natural, preservative free sparkling beverage, sweetened with sustainably sourced raw Vermont honey and contains 25mg of THC-free, broad-spectrum hemp extract. Bimble works to help you relax after a stressful day, without causing impairment. Bimble domestically sources high quality ingredients and uses only sustainably sourced raw honey from local beekeepers as a natural sweetener (we’re beekeepers ourselves!). Every bottle of Bimble sold helps support the sustainable beekeeping community. Bimble was founded by Jay Moskowitz, a native New Yorker who left his high-pressure career on Wall Street, and Janet Silverstein, a TV commercial producer and a jewelry designer, to create a refreshing CBD beverage. While Bimble was originally created to help New Yorkers chill out, Bimble is now available throughout the Northeast and nationwide through online ordering. At 25mg of hemp extract per serving, Bimble contains more Cannabinoids than many other drinks on the market. In addition to CBD, it features CBN, considered to be the most relaxing cannabinoid. We have also added four Terpenes (linaloon, limonene, caryophelene, myrcene) for additional calming effect.


Right now Bimble comes in two delicious flavors, Grapefruit Basil Mint and Blueberry Lemon Ginger, with a new flavor on the horizon. We are now officially Kosher under the supervision of the OU. This is a boon to the brand as now we can offer the drink to everyone in the Kosher community! On a more personal level, we were looking forward to bringing it to shul to share with our friends at Kiddush, and then Covid hit! Bimble as a great stand alone drink as well as an option at Smachot and holiday tables, at the bar as a cocktail mixer or as an alternative to alcohol.

We know you can’t always prepare for life’s stressful moments, which is why Bimble is great to keep stocked in the fridge – so you can “chill to serve and serve to chill” whenever you choose. Can be ordered with free shipping Use promo code Honey20 for 20% off for our readers during Holiday season! OfferExpires Oct11