At ARCTIC ZERO, we’ve created the better-for-you, plant-based frozen dessert that everyone can enjoy and love. Unlike other plant-based frozen desserts, we’re not nuts. We’re different. We’re trendsetters, and … rather than use nuts … we’re the first to use faba beans as a frozen dessert base.

Our Journey

Founder, Greg Holtman grew up during the sugar free era. His mom, a type 1 diabetic mostly purchased sugar free treats for the family growing up. Like any kid, he loved sweets, especially ice cream, but those types of treats at home were often chalked full of artificial ingredients and tasted terrible. He felt like there had to be something better out there.

In 2001, he purchased a commercial ice cream machine and started his journey in his garage. After many failed attempts, but too stubborn and determined to give up, ARCTIC ZERO was born.

In 2009, ARCTIC ZERO launched and was wildly successful. It was apparent that he had created something never seen before and that people other than just himself had wanted. From there things moved quickly, he was on the forefront of a huge natural food movement and had created a category within a category. Before he knew it ARCTIC ZERO was everywhere.

“With technology in food moving at such a rapid pace, it is more important than ever to stand behind brands that you know and trust. Our products are and will remain, free from GMO’s, artificial ingredients, and sugar alcohols. My kids are the first to try my new flavors and concepts. For me, research on clean ingredients and listening to our customers is priority. I will always push the limits on what’s possible to create in the “better for you” category. I am excited to continue to evolve as my most recent creation is composed of a plant-based faba bean protein”, said ARCTIC ZERO founder Greg Holtman.

Why A Faba Bean Frozen Dessert?

Faba beans are found to be a nearly perfect food. They’re high in protein and other nutrients, and they’re sustainable in a way that few other crops are: they replenish nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil in which they’re planted so they need very little fertilization.

Beyond creating delicious low-calorie frozen desserts that come from a sustainable source, our goal at ARCTIC ZERO, has always been to offer consumers something different: a frozen dessert that is made with clean ingredients and consumers can trust.

ARCTIC ZERO is the perfect treat when you’re making better-for-you choices!