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As the leader in worldwide kosher certification, the Orthodox Union takes additional steps to serve as a leader in educating the public in matters of kosher law. Over the past several years, OU Kosher, in partnership with the Harry H. Beren Foundation of New Jersey, has developed numerous kashrus educational programs for the benefit of […]

4 Delicious Uses for Brownie Mix

Kosher.com gives us 4 brand new uses for that extra box of brownie mix in your pantry or cabinet.

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Learn with Kosher.com about which wines pair best with summers BBQs.

Can I Drink Convenience Store Coffee?

Kosher.com and Rabbi Moshe Elefant discuss the halachos around drinking convenience store coffee.

Watch: Grilled Rib Eye Steak with Farm Fresh Veggies

From Kosher.com: Chef Gabe Garcia is headed back to Tierra Sur to grill rib eye steaks. Learn how to make this restaurant ready dish at home!

Can I Drink Coffee at a Non-Kosher Restaurant?

Kosher.com and Rabbi Moshe Elefant examine this frequently asked question through the lenses of Halacha.

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