Behind the Union Symbol

Winter 2011

• Editor’s Letter – Pareve – Neutral in Content, But not on The Bottom Line
• Newly Certified! Italian Volcano® Juices – From the Mount Etna Volcano to the Supermarket Shelf
• Newly Certified! Filling a void in a deep Gorge – Gorge Estate Vineyards of Washington State Enables Royal Wine to Enter New Territory for Premium Kosher Wines
• The OU: Mastering the Challenges of Producing Kosher Wine
• Health-conscious turn to Kosher- R. Jelínek launches new brandy with eye on tapping market at
home and abroad
By Cat Contiguglia – The Prague Post
• Encyclopedia of Jewish Food – Matzoh, Rugelach and a whole lot more
• From the Encyclopedia of Jewish Food – A Purim Recipe for a Food You’ve Never Heard Of
• Your RFR – Your OU Kosher Customer Service Agent
• It’s More Than Curds & Whey
• Ask the Rabbi
• Pickle-icious – BTUS’s Favorite Chef Tells You Everything You Wanted to Know About Pickles,
Including Some Great Recipes
• In India, Gherkin Manufacturers Are Not in a Pickle When Rabbi Tirnauer Is Around
• Reitzel International Spans the Globe With Gherkins
• UNITED – The Pickle that Made New York Great
• AT KAISER PICKLES The OU Symbol Signifies a Quality Product and Expanded Marketing
• Marcatus QED and the OU – Sharing a Worldwide Emphasis on Quality Control
• It’s a Long Way to Study Kosher Certification – ASKOU10
• Understanding OU Direct
• From the Plate of Caesar – The Kosher Status of the Flamingo
• Dream Team – Company Kosher Contacts Are an Important Component on the OU Team
• Québec – Tales from the Far North
• Thou Shalt Not Commit Adulteration – Guarding Against the Dilution of Juice

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