Behind the Union Symbol

Spring 2011

• Editor’s Letter – You Don’t Have to be Jewish to Buy Kosher Products
• OU Direct – Everything You Wanted to Know About OU Direct and Never in Your Wildest Dreams Thought to Ask
• Newly Certified – Crystal Head Vodka Awarded OU Kosher Certification
• Newly Certified – Using Recipes from South Africa Joburg Brings Kosher Delicacies to American Tables
• Newly Certified – Honibe TM – Pure Honey Joy Now Kosher Certified through the Orthodox Union
• The Scent of India – India’s Food Industry- on the rise with OU Kosher
• FDA Guildlines on Carmine Bring a Boon to the Kosher Consumer
• Snacking Kosher – It’s Harder Than You Thought
• Chips Off the Old Block – In its 90th Year, Utz Quality Foods Follows Traditions of its Founders
• Have You Herrd? Herr Snack Foods Have Been OU Kosher For 30 Years
• Wise Foods …Snack Kosher – Encourages Snackers to Snack Loud!
• Better Made Snack Foods – Celebrates 80 Years
• Internet Presence: It’s All About Our Technology
• South America’s Hottest Country is Chile
• Ask the Rabbi – Why there is a need for a plant that processes and cans fruits and vegetables to receive OU Certification
• From the Heart of Chilean Wine – Growing Country, Comes Luis Felipe Edwards Wines
• Passover Primer
• Panic-Free Passover
• Kosher Around the Globe
• How the Chicken Went from the Jungle to Your Plate
• Kosherizing an Agglomerator: They Said It Couldn’t Be Done. They Were Wrong
• Through the Bluegrass and on the Highways
• An RFR’s Kentucky (and Indiana) Derby

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