Nissan 5767 / April 2007

• Glycerine and Detergent Issues by: Rabbi Yosef Goldberg • Three Color Signature Stamp • OU Kosher Announces Harry H. Beren Visit OU Program for Jewish Youth • Beech-Nut “Committed to Kosher” Despite Kosher Reductions Reprinted with permission from • The Harry H. Beren– RCA Kashruth Yom Iyun A One-Day Seminar on Current Issues…

Adar 5767 / March 2007

• Wine and Grape Juice – Mevushal or Non-Mevushal Daf Notes on Passover Wine & Grape Juice • Medicines and Inedibles – Guidelines for Medicines on Pesach Daf Notes on Medicines and Inedibles • Lo Bosi Ela L’Orer Kashering a Kli that was used for Kitniyos by: Rabbi Dovid Mintz, RC Recorder of OU P’sak…

Shevat 5767 / February 2007

• OU-P – What’s New For ‘07? by: Rabbi Singer • Getting The Knack Of Nikkur ASK OU Seminar Draws Large and Diverse Audience BY: Regina Avshalumova, OU Public Relations • R.A.B. Moves To Consolidate Manischewitz-Rokeach Operations Reprinted with permission from • Chinese Mushrooms Alert BY: Rabbi Yitzchak Friedman, RFR DE,MD,PA,VA • Kashruth Alerts

Tevet 5767 / January 2007

• Yiras Shamayim: Hashgachah’s Vital Ingredient A talk by HaGaon Rav Matisyahu Solomon, shlita, written for publication by Rabbi Eliyahu W. Ferrell, RC, Chemicals, Pickles • OU Kosher Announces Debut of OU Direct Providing Vast Quantities of Information to Certified Companies. • OU Courts Israeli Food Esporters by Idele Ross, Koshertoday Israel Bureau Chief Reprinted…

Kislev 5767 / December 2006

• Is This Worm Kosher? By Rabbi Dovid Bistricer • Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Mixes Return to Pareve Status. • Important Information Regarding Assignments By Rabbi Michael Morris • OU Dairy Industry Seminar OU’s Rabbi Menachem Genack Named To The Forward 50 • Kashruth Advisory • Kashruth Alert

Cheshvan 5767 / November 2006

• OU Leads Kashruth Crisis Conference Rabbanim, Mashgichim, and Businessmen Convene to Resolve Kashrus Crisis By Hamodia Staff • A Milestone Is Achieved By Regina Avshalumova • A Chaver Hakollel From Williamsburg Reviews AskOU 8 Summary of OU Internship Program – 2006 By Rabbi Yitzchok Braun • Kashruth Advisory • Kashruth Alert

Elul 5766-Tishrei 5767 / September-October 2006

• Prof. Grandin Approves Agriprocessors Practices • Absolutely Marvelous News In The World Of Vodka! Absolut Is Certified Kosher By The OU • Other Liquor And Liqueur Products Attaining Certification • Kashruth Alerts • Special supplement – Pas Yisroel Products (as of Elul 5766)

Tammuz-Av 5766 / July-August 2006

• OU Introduces • RFR in the News • Kashruth Alert • From the Review Dept.

Sivan 5766 / June 2006

• Dairy English Muffins By Rabbi Dovid Cohen, Rabbinic Coordinator • Kashruth Alert, advisory and notification

Iyar 5766 / May 2006

• Harry H. Beren Foundation Grant Provides Valuable Support to Orthodox Union’s Growing List of Kosher Education Programs By Stephen Steiner, Director of Public Relations • The Modern Day Blood Spot Transcribed by Rabbi Yosef Grossman Based on a Discussion with Rav Yisroel Belsky, Shlita • Kashruth Alert

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