Lactose Intolerance

OU Kosher Staff

What should a lactose intolerant person do over Passover?

Lactaid Milk

According to the OU poskim, if one purchases unflavored and unenriched lactaid milk before Passover, they can then use it on Passover.

Lactaid Pills
Lactaid pills come in two forms – inedible/swallowable and chewable – which are taken at the same time the person begins consuming a dairy product. The lactase used in these products is made via a chometz based fermentation process.

As such, one may definitely not take the chewable pills on Pesach (and we think that you should even sell them to a non-Jew or get rid of them).

However, according to the OU poskim, one can consume the inedible pills.

Nonetheless, one should preferably wrap them in tissue paper before swallowing them. But if that’s too difficult then one can take them “as is”.

We certify a number of lactose reduced products for Passover. Please consult our Passover product search for more information.