Suzhou Youi Foods Co., Ltd., CHINA


July 1, 2013
Brands: Youi Brand
Almond Crunch, OU
Cajun Flavored Coated Peanuts, OU
Chili Chickpea, OU
Chili Flavored Coated Edamame, OU
Corn Peanuts, OU
Cumin Peanuts, OU
Dried Fruit & Beans, OU
Fried Corn, OU
Garlic Chickpea, OU
Garlic Flavor Green Peas, OU
King Crackers, OU
Mix Nuts, OU
Party Snacks, OU
Rice Crackers & Coated Peanuts Mix, OU
Roasted & Salted Cashews, OU
Seaweed Coated Broad Beans, OU
Seaweed Coated Sunflower Seed Kernels, OU
Sesame Crunch, OU
Soy Sauce Flavored Peas, OU
Spicy Flavor Three Bean Mix, OU
Sugar Roasted Peanuts, OU
Sunflower Seeds Crunch, OU
Wasabi Coated Beans, OU
Wasabi Chickpea, OU
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