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December 25, 2014

Kill Cliff

Atlanta, GA
Brands: Kill Cliff
Berry Legit-Blackberry Lemonade Recovery Drink, OU
Double Awesomeness Recovery Drink, OU
Free Fall Recovery Drink, OU
Tasty Recovery Drink, OU
December 25, 2014

Leaf & Love,Inc.

Studio City, CA
Brands: Leaf & Love
Organic Lemonade, OU
December 25, 2014

Beneficial Blends, LLC

Tampa, FL
Brands: Kelapo Coconut
Coconut Oil, Baking Stick, OU
Coconut Oil, Jar, OU
Coconut Oil, Pail, OU
December 25, 2014

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation

Winston Salem, NC
Brands: Krispy Kreme
Apple Flavored Danish, OU-D
Honey Bun Glazed, OU-D
Honeybun White Icing, OU-D
Raspberry Flavored Danish, OU-D
December 25, 2014

R.C. Bigelow, Inc.

Fairfield, CT
Brands: Bigelow Home Blend
Citrus Pomegranate Green Tea, OU
Half & Half Tea/Lemonade, OU
Mango Lychee Green Tea, OU
Simply Unsweetened Iced Tea, OU
Sweet Orchard Peach Iced Tea, OU
December 25, 2014

Fiber Gourmet, Inc.

Miami Beach, FL
Brands: Fiber Gourmet, Inc.
Fiber Gourmet Wheat Cracker, OU-D
Fiber Gourmet Nacho Cheese Cracker, OU-D
Fiber Gourmet Wheat Cracker Tomato Basil, OU-D
Fiber Gourmet Chili Limon Bite, OU-D
Fiber Gourmet Pizza Bite, OU-D
December 25, 2014

Poliva Ltd.

Brands: Poliva
Quinoa, OU
December 25, 2014

Vitargo Global Sciences

Fountain Hills, AZ
Brands: Vitargo S2
Natural Juicy Orange Flavor, OU
Unflavored / Unsweetened, OU
December 25, 2014

Heavenly Yummies Inc.

Long Island City, NY
Brands: Heavenly Yummies
Frozen Falafel Balls, OU
Original Falafel - Ready to Cook, OU
December 25, 2014

Shirataki Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd.

Brands: Shirataki Sake
Jozen Ginjo Pink, Junmai Ginjo, OU
Jozen Junmai, OU
Jozen Mizunogotoshi Sake, Junmai Daiginjo, OU
Junmai Daiginjo, OU
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