Milchwerke “Mittelelbe” GmbH, GERMANY


December 6, 2012
Brands: Milchwerke Mittelelbe
8000012 Coffee Creamer With Tcp Artikel 5160-00 Big Bag 31a /, OU-D
8000540 Skimmed Milk Powder, Spray Dried, OU-D
8000641 Skimmed Milk Powder Foodstuff, OU-D
8000686 HF 70 % Whey Powder 30 % Cocoa 10/12 Bb Utz, OU-D
8000716 Novalac 3 Vanille Big Bag, OU-D
8000805 Novalac Ha – Riz Big Bag, OU-D
8000855 Novalac N2 C Codex Big Bag, OU-D
8000880 Novalac It1 Wpc 45 Big Bag, OU-D
8010303 Skimmed Milk Concentrate > 25% Ts, OU-D

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