Capistrano’s Bakery, LLC, Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ

January 14, 2013
Brands: Capistrano's
ART-10044766 Ciabatta Roll, OU
ART-5010 Foccacia 1/2 Sheet, OU
ART-61 Julien Rustic Baguette, OU
ART-753 Foccasia Rec 6x3, OU
ART-9021 Rosemary Boule, OU
ART-9044 Capistrano's Loaf, OU
ART-9062 Rustic Rye Loaf, OU
BGL-10290886 Natures Own H/w Bagel, OU
BLE-10044316 C & C Sour, OU
BRD-10044846 Potato Buttermilk W/flour Lf, OU
BRD-2537 12grain Loaf, OU
BRD-3581 Chompies French White Loaf, OU
BRD-3589 Chompies Dourdough Loaf, OU
BRD-77 Baguette Cracked Wheat, OU
BST-10 Breadsticks, OU
BUN-10043756 Premium Hamburger, OU
BUN-10043896 Kaiser Sl, OU
BUN-2247 Wheat w/ Oats, OU
BUN-451 Capistrano's Bun, OU
BUN-557 Hamburger Wheat W/oats, OU

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