Baron’s Specialty Foods, Inc., Martinez, CA

Martinez, CA

August 16, 2012
Brands: Baron’s Specialty
11009 Crazy Hot/Atomic Seasoning, OU
11103 Carne Asada, OU
11237 Irish Sausage, OU
11272 Portuguese – Mild, OU
11320 Moroccan, OU
11350 Philly Cheese Steak (No Cheese in formula), OU
11471 Thai Ginger, OU
11490 Vanilla Pepper Brine & Marinade, OU
11855 HSH Thai Curry, OU
12020 Apple Raisin Stuffing, OU-D
12060 Italian Breading, OU
12070 Orange Macadamia, OU
12099 Coconut Pistachio Panko, OU
26015 Theos' Steakhouse, OU
H11540 Hickory Smoked Salt & Pepper Rub, OU

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