Consumer Alerts & Advisories

The Following OU Kosher Advisories and Alerts were released by the Orthodox Union's Kosher Division on the date indicated.

Please remember to always check the label before purchasing any item that needs kosher certification!

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Consumer Alerts

December 6, 2013

Kosher Alert American Farmer

Brands: American Farmer
Products: 24 Pack Box
Company: American Farmer Brands Inc. Brooklyn, NY

American Farmer popcorns are certified by the Orthodox Union.  Some are pareve, with a plain OU symbol and some are dairy with an OU D symbol.  American Farmer popcorn is being sold in 24 pack boxes with a plain OU on the box.  The box contains properly labeled varieties of both pareve and dairy popcorns.  Corrective measures have been implemented.

November 25, 2013

Kosher Advisory Darrell Lea

Brands: Darrrell Lea
Company: Darrell Lea Confectionary Company, Kogarah Australia

Due to a change in manufacturing,  all Darrell Lea Confectionary products are now certified as OU Dairy and will no longer be Pareve.   Products manufactured after this change have a ‘best before’ date of 01 DEC 2014 and onward.

November 15, 2013

Kosher Advisory GFA Brands

Brands: Smart Balance
Products: Spreads
Company: GFA Brands

Most Smart Balance products are certified as OU Pareve, a few are certified as OU D. In order to avoid consumer confusion, the packaging for the dairy products will have OU Dairy spelled out in a larger font than the current OU D designation.  Consumers are urged to always check each product they are purchasing for the kosher symbol.

November 15, 2013

Kosher Alert Kedem Food Products

Brands: Kedem
Products: Light Concord Grape Juice Beverage - 22 oz.
Company: Kedem Food Products

A very limited number of bottles were mistakenly labeled with the 1.5 liter/ 50.7 oz labels.  These labels state “Non-Mevushal.”  The only impact is for consumers who are seeking Non-Mevushal grape juice.  The 22oz size is Mevushal.

November 11, 2013

Kosher Advisory Gourmet Basics

Brands: Gourmet Basics
Products: Hatch Chile Pop Rings
Company: Gourmet Basics, Brooklyn NY

Gourmet Basics Hatch Chile Pop Rings are certified by the Orthodox Union as an OU D – Dairy product, as labeled on the front panel of the bag.  The back panel has an OU D next to the words ‘kosher pareve’.   The product is not pareve and corrective actions have been implemented.

November 4, 2013

Kosher Alert Linda Ellen’s Bakery

Brands: Linda Ellen's Bakery
Products: Challah Egg Bread
Company: Summerland Foods, Toluca Lake CA

Unauthorized OU

Linda Ellen’s Challah bears an unauthorized OU D symbol.  The Orthodox Union does not certify this product.  Corrective measures have been implemented.

October 28, 2013

Kosher Alert Moses Vodka

Brands: Moses Vodka
Products: Vodka
Company: Global Drinks Finland

Unauthorized OU

Moses Vodka from Global Drinks Finland and product of Finland bears an unauthorized OU P.  The Orthodox Union does not certify this product for Passover or year round use.  Corrective actions have been implemented.

This does not include product that was imported by Happy Hearts Wine & Spirit and labeled as such; for product in bottle sizes 50ml, 375ml and 750ml produced in Estonia and bearing in addition the certification of Rabbi Gruber.

October 24, 2013

Kosher Advisory Daily’s

Brands: Daily's
Products: Cocktail Mixers, Concentrates, Ready to Drink Pouches and Fruit Barrel Drinks
Company: Daily's, Verona PA

The company is discontinuing the OU certification of these products. Consumers should be careful to only purchase product bearing the OU. Daily’s may be contacted at 412-828-9020 x6150 or

October 24, 2013

Kosher Alert INLICO Waffeln

Brands: INLICO
Products: Waffeln (all varieties)
Company: INLICO Sussen, Germany

Unauthorized OU

INLICO is distributing a variety of wafers in Germany with an unauthorized OU Symbol.  The label is in the German and Russian languages.  Corrective actions are being implemented.

October 23, 2013

Kosher Alert Jen’s Noodles

Brands: Jen's Noodles
Products: Noodles (pre-cooked in bag)
Company: Jen's Noodles, Queensland Australia

Unauthorized OU

Jen’s Noodles is not certified by the Orthodox Union and bears an unauthorized OU symbol.  This product is being sold in Australia.  Corrective actions have been implemented.

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