Reading the Ingredient Panel

Can I tell if a product is truly dairy or “DE” by checking the ingredient panel? If a product lists dairy ingredients on the ingredient pane, it is obviously dairy….

Infestation in OU Products

Do products certified by the OU require inspection for infestation? OU certification insures customers that frozen or processed fruits and vegetables are free of infestation at the time of packaging….

Waxed Fruits and Vegetables

Why does the OU give a hechsher to fresh fruits and vegetables? Many fruits and vegetables are coated with wax to protect these items and make them appear more appealing….

OU on Inherently Kosher Products

Why does the OU certify products that are inherently kosher? If a company requests OU certification, the OU will certify the product even if it does not technically require supervision….

OU-D Milk

What does OU-D mean on milk? OU certified milk is not Cholov Yisroel unless identified as such on the label. In general, the OU follows the opinion of Rav Moshe…