Is Via instant coffee from Starbucks acceptable for use on Passover?

Via instant unflavored coffee is acceptable for use on Passover when bearing the regular OU symbol.

Can quartz countertops be kashered?

Quartz counters are made of a combination of crushed quartz (stone) and resins (like plastic). One can kasher stone, and there are different opinions about kashering plastic for Pesach. To…

Passover: I hear conflicting reports in regard to selling pure chometz vs. items which are mixtures containing chometz. Could you please expand on this subject?

According to most opinions, one may lock up and sell even foods that are pure chometz. Some have the custom not to sell food that is pure chometz. This is…

Do chometz dishes and pots need to be sold for Passover?

If pots were sold, they would need to be immersed again after Passover when they are reacquired. The custom, therefore, is to sell any chometz that remains in the pots.

How should the sale be arranged if one is going to be in a different time zone during Passover?

One should notify the rabbi who is selling the chometz. The rabbi will then be able to schedule the sale and repurchase of the chometz to accommodate the time difference.

Do raw nuts require certification for Passover?

Raw nuts in their shell do not require Passover certification. Shelled nuts that list BHA or BHT (preservatives) in the ingredients require special Passover certification. Please note that different communities…

Does extra virgin olive oil need to be certified kosher for Passover?

Extra virgin olive oil is Kosher for Passover, as long as it bears the OU symbol. All other oils require Kosher for Passover certification to be consumed on Passover.

Which baby formula can I use for my infant on Passover?

Most infant formulas are made from soy products which are kitniyot. Since kitniyot does not apply to infants most formulas may be used on Passover. For a list of acceptable formulas please visit oukosher.org/passover/articles/baby-formula/….

Is almond or soy milk acceptable for Passover?

Almond and soy milk may be problematic and are not recommended for use on Passover. If a situation arises and it is needed by an infant or an infirm person,…

Passover: There seem to be differing opinions as to which methods of cooking meat and fowl are permitted for consumption at the seder. Could you please clarify?

It is customary not to serve meat or fowl which has been roasted, broiled, or pot roasted (tzli keder) at either of the two sedarim. Meat that was boiled in…