The genesis for ZenoBars originated with a challenge by our co-founder Russell Long. He asked his friends if anyone would help him to create a low-carb, vegan, and tasty energy bar. 2,000 miles away in Chicago Sue Papuga stepped up to the plate (literally!) and said, “Yes!”. The ZenoBar journey began as we sampled and tested hundreds of ingredients to find ones with the lowest glycemic effect. After thousands of recipes and numerous trial productions, ZenoBars (named after a Greek philosopher) were launched in August 2018.

An outstanding feature of ZenoBars is that they are genuinely low-carb and have minimal effect on blood sugar and insulin, which helps in controlling weight and diabetes. To achieve this goal we selected the novel sweetener allulose and packed the bars with healthy nuts and seeds. Our net carb claim was put to the test by the non-profit Beyond Type 1 and passed!

ZenoBars come in three delicious flavors; Cocoa Chip, Almond Nut, and Strawberry Nut. Every bar is cold pressed with a rich base of almonds. Extra flavor and nutrition come from sunflower and pumpkin seeds, pecans, organic freeze-dried strawberries, and cocoa powder. We took special care to use a binder from organic soluble tapioca fiber which has been found to be truly keto.

To give our customers ample choices in packaging ZenoBars can be ordered as 3-packs, 6-packs,12-bar boxes, and 24-bar boxes on Amazon and at

To us Kosher means Pure, literally! That goes hand-in-hand with ZenoBars’ ingredients. Within our first year we were approached by a consumer asking ZenoBars to become Kosher and who helped with the certification process. She had quickly and enthusiastically recognized the uniquely beneficial attributes of ZenoBars, although noted that they lacked the Kosher prerequisite. Even though every ZenoBar ingredient is Kosher, our packaging did not display an official Hechsher (Kosher symbol) which is essential for many consumers who follow Kashrut. A deal breaker for many; a door-open for others.

Becoming OU Kosher certified adds to ZenoBars’ appeal beyond the Jewish community. OU conveys so much more, to so many more. It appeals to consumers who appreciate higher standards for food preparation and quality ingredients. We are pleased that Pareve certification for our products signals and clears the way for those avoiding dairy or meat ingredients.

In selecting our Hechsher, we wanted one that conveys Quality, Worldwide.  That is the OU.  An assurance of unquestionable, respectable credibility.  Our obvious choice to make ZenoBars your obvious choice!