Wilmington Tank & Trailer was founded in 1996 by W. Marrow Smith to perform cargo tanker inspection and repair for clients in North and South Carolina. For years it operated as one of the only companies in the Carolinas that could perform the strictly regimented R Stamp welding repairs for tankers.

In 2021, it was purchased by William (Billy) Murrell III with the goal of expanding into the tanker wash market. The goal was to create a turnkey tanker services company that could wash, inspect, and repair all under one roof. Any time a cargo tanker is emptied, switches product, or needs repairs, an internal washout must be performed at a specialized tanker wash facility. In early Fall of 2021, we opened the newest state-of-the-art tanker washout facility in the Carolinas. Our clients were thrilled to see a locally-owned business entering a market largely dominated by large wash conglomerates more focused on “high volume, low quality” production rather than customer service.

However, a consistent complaint among our customers was the lack of viable kosher maintenance wash facilities. Any tanker line hauling kosher product can only receive washouts at a kosher certified facility. And in the case of North Carolina, there were only two available and both of them were on the other side of the state. Research indicated that the most respected and widely recognized organization for certification was the Orthodox Union, so we approached them to partner in our expansion.

Through the process of applying and certification, our system was strenuously assessed for strict adherence to the kosher principles and standards. We are proud to announce that our certification was approved and we are now the only OU Kosher approved trailer wash facility in SC, NC, and VA. We are honored to partner with our friends at the OU!

For us, this was a simple decision. At Wilmington Tank, we pride ourselves on following the highest standard, and that matched perfectly with the mission of the OU. A kosher maintenance wash is performed to a much higher standard than a traditional wash, and we aim to perform everything we do at the highest level.