Launched in 2020, United Sodas is reimagining premium soda for the modern day. CEO Marisa Zupan and her team recognized that American soda companies seemed a little lost and set out to revive soda for every generation, young and old. The company’s name, United Sodas of America, is a promise to celebrate the variety of American experiences, tastes, and identities that unite us all. They had a nation of soda drinkers at heart who just needed a soda brand to believe in again.

After two years of taste-testing, United Sodas released their first set of flavors, ranging from  modern takes on classics like Cherry Pop, Orange Nectarine and Gingery Ale to unexpected newcomers like Toasted Coconut, Pear Elderflower and Blackberry Jam. Each artfully designed can delivers that unmistakable full flavor guaranteed to make tastebuds smile and is just 30 calories, organically sweetened and free of anything artificial. What sets these sodas apart is a proprietary blend of three organic, plant-derived ingredients that work together perfectly. A touch of cane sugar provides undeniably real sweetness, while organic erythritol and organic stevia boost the taste without adding unnecessary sugars or calories. Customers can sample all 12 flavors in a Variety Pack, enjoy individual 12-packs of their favorite flavors or buy a mixed theme pack for whatever mood they are in whether it be The New Classics, The Finer Things Club, The Blues or Toga Party.

Grounded in inclusivity and the ideal of ‘a flavor for every flavor,’ it was important for the team to work towards their goal of OU kosher certification. Launching during a pandemic posed a few challenges, including impeding official certification. The team continued to push for certification and was proud to secure it for the latest rounds of production, allowing them to add the OU symbol on both packaging and cans moving forward. Kosher certification not only ensures that soda drinkers with all different backgrounds, religions and dietary restrictions can partake, but the symbol also indicates the United Soda’s core values and quality to potential customers and buyers. All sodas in the range are OU certified except for White Grape, which the company is in the process of reformulating to be kosher in the future. United Sodas is proudly concepted, created and believed in by diverse teams all across America and is currently sold through and select retailers.