Ua Global Inc

Ukraine America Global (dba UAG Co. LLC.) was founded in the year 2000. UAG wanted to improve the import and export between the large nations of the United States and Ukraine. During this time we succeeded in establishing and maintaining a positive working relationship between many different companies throughout both countries. UAG has been very effective in obtaining and supplying the consumer with all the different products from these two vast areas.

With change in consumer demand, we have created a new division UA Global Inc. Uag global importswith the sole purpose of providing the highest quality natural food products available, that do not contain GMOs and preservatives. It became apparent as UA Global began its research that people were consuming unhealthy and dangerous foods that contained genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as well as toxic quantities of unnatural preservatives that do nothing more than destroy the human body. It is our company’s mission to provide the highest quality products available that do not contain GMOs and preservatives.