Top Pop & City Club Soda

Top Pop was established in the 1980’s by Premium Beverage Packers Incorporated, company. With its roots firmly planted in Wyomissing, PA, the brand quickly gained widespread commercial appeal and attracted buyers seeking to diversify its points of distribution. Cott Beverage Incorporated ultimately acquired the brand in 2002 along with City Club Soda, maintaining ownership for nearly 6 years. During that time, Third Generation Enterprises, a family owned and operated business located in New Jersey, distributed Top Pop throughout New York City’s five boroughs. The Lugones family kept a close eye on the public’s “thirst” for Top Pop’s fun flavors, and watched its meteoric rise in brand awareness. After years of familiarity with Top Pop, 3G Enterprises opted to invest in and acquire the Top Pop brand from Cott Bottling in 2008. Its distinct goal was to promote the brand to the next level through nationwide exposure. Over the last year the company has expanded Top Pop’s distribution across the East Coast and Midwest, bringing the addictively delicious flavors that have delighted consumers for over two decades to new cities and states. Today, over 3 million cases of Top Pop soda are purchased per year!
Top Pop soda is currently being distributed in NY, NJ, PA, OH, RI, MA, VA, WVA, MD, DE, DC, MI, KY, NC.