Tapout: A Perfectly Balanced Sports Drink

Tapout is the first advanced performance drink that focuses on all three levels of physical support: activation, hydration and recovery resulting in increased endurance and performance. Our formula answers consumer demand for a healthy alternative to inferior sports drinks by offering a natural, perfectly balanced hydration and recovery formula with 9 essential vitamins, 5 minerals, and all 5 electrolytes. Not only is Tapout packed with vitamins and minerals, and it also low calorie and formulated for maximum absorption to enhance cellular health and function.

The Competitive Edge:

Tapout’s formula is made specifically with athletes in mind. We know athletes have a strict workout routine to follow, daily exercises and activities to complete to stay healthy and reach their goal. That’s why we formulated Tapout with ingredients your body is use to, that is part of their daily routine, exercise and activity.

When you drink Tapout to hydrate, the body is trying to refill sugar / glucose stores, so it is important to refuel our body with good sugars. We provide fructose, a simple sugar that our body is familiar with and can break down easy and utilize quickly.

Post workout, you’ll need to recover and the body will need to refill sugar / glucose stores again to prevent breaking down muscle tissues. We add just enough fructose to give you an energy element, recovery element, but not cause you to store fructose.

Our Story:

Tapout has been at the forefront of Mixed Martial Arts since its inception in 1997. Today, Tapout is dedicated to the essence of discipline, determination and motivation that lives within all athletes.  Tapout beverages is proud to serve athletes at all levels as they work to reach their goals and grow from every opportunity they face.

Providing quality and healthy products that delight the body and inspire the mind is at the core of our business. We are honored to be OU Kosher Certified and continue to live out our mission to serve healthy benefits to athletes globally.

Experience all three flavors, Cherry Lemonade, Citrus Kick, and Wild Orange, and see how Tapout has paved a new way for sports drinks. Another rep. Another mile. Another game. Not just another drink.