Soglowek Food Industries

Soglowek Food Industries was founded in 1937 as a family business and grew to become a leader in the Israeli food industry holding a sizable share of the market for baked goods and vegetarian health foods. Soglowek has five plants and three distribution centers spread throughout Israel. Under the “Zoglo’s” brand name, the company exports its vegetarian products to the U.S., Canada and some European countries. Export of baked products are exported under the “Soglowek” brand name. Identified with high quality and an extensive range of products, Soglowek’s brand name is one of the most recognizable and respected brands in Israel.
Our OU certified products are all meatless and include vegetarian kebabs, wieners, schnitzel, chicken, burgers, nuggets and franks.
Please visit us at: 8 Hagaaton Blvd., Nahariya, 22100, Israel. Export Dept: 972-4-910-8860, 972-4-910-8804, Fax: 972-4-910-8878