Pleese®, Let Us Tell You a Story

When Kobi and Abev Regev switched to a plant-based diet in 2014, they didn’t anticipate that the vegan cheeses on the market would be a pizza lover’s nightmare — especially in New York City. Frustrated with the lack of authentic, dairy-free options within reach, the couple took matters into their own hands, and in 2017, Pleese® was born! Dubbed “Game-Changing, ‘New Yorker-Approved’ Vegan Pizza Cheese” by Pizza Today, Pleese® is revolutionizing the pizza industry, one slice at a time.

As Pleese® Founder Kobi Regev said, “We’ve been pizza-loving New Yorkers longer than we’ve been vegans, so we made it our mission to create the most perfect plant-based cheese.”

Carefully crafted using all-natural, plant-based ingredients in an allergen-free environment, Pleese® is the world’s first great-tasting, good-for-you cheese alternative designed to achieve the perfect “melt factor.” Unlike other cheese alternatives on the market, Pleese® is free from common allergens, including dairy, lactose, soy, nuts, and gluten, making it school-safe, kid-friendly, and one of the most authentic plant-based pizza ingredients on any menu.

What OU Kosher Certification Means to Pleese®

When it comes to being OU Kosher certified, having the stamp is a sign of pride because it’s our way to show our product upholds the strictest quality controls. We’re New Yorkers, our standards are higher, and OU aligns with those standards.

The OU Kosher Certification also shows how much we care about our customers, the ingredients we use, and how Pleese® is produced. We’re proud that our products are accessible for people with dietary or religious requirements and can serve everyone in our communities.

The Perfect Combination of Taste, Texture, and Melt

Parve doesn’t have to mean boring, and Pleese® delivers where others don’t.

Americans are serious about their pizza, and experts agree. Described as “the new cheese on the block,” Pleese ticks all the boxes when it comes to creaminess, meltability, and flavor, according to Vegan Pop Eats host Angela Yvonne.

Pleese®’s all-natural, vegan, kosher cheese alternative is perfect for pizzerias and restaurants looking to evolve their menus to tap into the massive, fast-growing base of consumers who avoid dairy, soy, or nuts due to allergies, dietary restrictions, or for wellness reasons.

Made from a proprietary blend of beans and potato proteins, Pleese® contains zero of the ingredients that commonly keep those with dietary restrictions from enjoying the wonders of pizza. And unlike other plant-based cheese products, Pleese® actually tastes, feels, and looks like the real thing. No aftertaste – guaranteed. Even our ingredients, from faba beans to chickpeas and potatoes, are staples of the Mediterranean diet.

At Pleese®, we’re driven by more than just a healthy diet. Our ethics extend beyond the plate to also include supporting the planet, which is why for every case of Pleese® sold, we plant a tree through the National Forest Foundation to reduce CO2.