New Harvest Kitchen

Our company manager helped us create New harvest kitchen. His background in health and fitness played a key role in the development of this tasty meat like soy product that just does not taste like soy. His laundry list of positive product attributes was difficulty to achieve but after two years of R&D we have a product that we are all very proud of and enjoy eating as well. Since mr. X leads a healthy vegan friendly lifestyle and has celiac disease, creating a product that was wheat and estrogen free, vegan and Non-GMO was no simple task. Using innovative cooking methods we took European based Non-GMO soy and infused it with seasonings and natural flavors resulting in a product that is high in protein, great tasting and free of estrogen. Our mission is to bring products to our customers that are natural and healthy, that everyone can really enjoy. So whether you are a vegan or gluten free or just want a great tasting meal that is healthy, please taste one of NHK’s varieties and join our growing family of healthy eaters!!