What is LivBar?

LivBar is one of the first USDA certified organic, seed-based bars that is allergen-friendly and hand baked to perfection. LivBar uses delicious, real food ingredients to create unique flavors including Blueberry Vanilla, Raspberry Maca, Coffee Maple Cacao, Ginger Lemon Turmeric, and Lemongrass Cherry Matcha. Not only are LivBars packed with delicious ingredients, but they are also nutrient-dense and created to fuel your body.

LivBar is dedicated to exceeding the industry standards for sustainability. While most other bars are co-packed, LivBar uses their own solar power facility. They also package bars in a compostable wrapper and send them directly to customers using carbon neutral shipping. LivBar is good for you and good for the planet.

Our Story

LivBar Founder and practicing nutritionist, Jan Johansen, struggled to find a nutritionally balanced, low allergen bar with recognizable plant-based ingredients for her husband and coaching clients – so she made one! What began as a small mission to nourish her community and loved ones with a healthy and delicious product, has grown into a brand leading the real food revolution in all fifty states. LivBar isn’t just another candy bar in disguise – they are elevating the industry through sustainable packaging, organic plant-based ingredients, and a mission to empower humans to eat what’s good for themselves and the planet.

What it means to be OU Kosher

LivBar’s mission is to empower humans to eat what’s good for themselves and the planet. One of the ways we make this possible is to be accessible to the most people and communities possible. We have taken many steps to ensure that our bars can be enjoyed by people no matter what their dietary needs or restrictions are. Being OU Kosher means that more people will have access to LivBars. We strive to make a delicious and healthy snack that is available to all.

Being OU Kosher also means that our bars are being held to one of the top standards of food products. OU Kosher certification is widely recognized and trusted by customers. We know that being OU certified means that our bars are a great choice for consumers.