¡CACTUS! Organic Cactus Water, a new line of plant based functional waters powered by Nopal cactus leaf juice, provides consumers seeking healthy hydration, refreshment and recovery with nature’s way to hydrate under the hottest conditions. The ¡CACTUS! formulation contains a cactus hydrocolloid that boosts hydration, absorption and retention. ¡CACTUS! is an excellent source of Vitamin C and contains additional antioxidants, electrolytes and amino acids including taurine. Low calorie and with only 5g sugar (agave), ¡CACTUS! is available in delicious organic Papaya, Lime and Watermelon flavors, in recyclable 12 oz/355 ml aluminum sleek cans.

“I created ¡CACTUS! to bring the hydration secret of the desert to consumers everywhere,” said ¡CACTUS! founder Sarita Lopez. “While it makes intuitive sense that water from a hot, dry region would provide especially effective hydration, the science backs it up. Inside every Nopal cactus paddle is a unique hydrocolloid that absorbs and retains moisture – so the cactus can survive the desert heat. ¡CACTUS! contains the same hydrocolloid. That’s why it’s so well absorbed and retained in the body, and why it hydrates so well.”

While “plant-based waters” are relatively new, ¡CACTUS! is rooted in traditional wisdom. “For generations, Latin American folk healers recommended cactus leaf juice for colds, coughs, skin conditions and stomach ailments,” said Lopez. “Today’s research shows cactus leaf juice may promote muscle recovery, combat oxidative stress linked to inflammation, and may even help reduce the effect of hangovers.”

The ¡CACTUS! brand reflects Lopez’s personal experience and her focus on sustainability. Cactus leaf juice cleared up her eczema when nothing else worked. As a result, Lopez decided to create an organic cactus water made with cactus leaf juice. The cacti used to make ¡CACTUS! are grown via natural rainfall, using no irrigated water. Select paddles (leaves) are harvested, not the entire plant. (The paddles quickly regenerate). The whole paddle is used, for maximum nutrition and minimum waste. And ¡CACTUS! aluminum sleek cans are both recycled and recyclable to a far greater degree than aseptic or cardboard containers.

¡CACTUS! is certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and OU Kosher. “Being OU Kosher is fantastic to the brand as it is such a highly recognized and respected symbol in the trade.” said Lopez. “Consumers feel good knowing that what they are consuming is made with high-quality ingredients and the OU symbol backs it up.”