Grow & Behold Foods

brings you OU Glatt Kosher beef, lamb, chicken, turkey & duck raised on small family farms. We adhere to the strictest standards of kashrut, animal welfare, worker treatment and sustainable agriculture. We ship our premium-quality frozen meats nation-wide and deliver in the New York City area.

Great Meals Start With Great Meat
Grow & Behold is the culmination of our decades of passion for healthy, sustainable food, good cooking, and the community that gets built around the table. It is sustained by our deep relationships with our partners, including multi-generational slaughterhouses and family farms.

OU Kosher grow and behold

We do not compromise on quality or our environmental standards because we’re producing meat that you trust and that we want to eat ourselves.

We take care every step of the way to make sure the meat is raised well, processed humanely, expertly butchered, carefully packaged, delivered seamlessly and prepared with confidence in your kitchen, thanks to our recipes, tips and terrific customer support. It is our great pleasure to bring these delicious meats to your table.

OU Kosher Grow and Behold Meat

Try our Dry AgedĀ Beef, Rose Veal, Lamb, Duck, Organic Turkey, Jerky and much more.