It all started with a collection of family farms brought together by a love of goats and a dream
to share the nutritional goodness of goat milk with health-conscious consumers around the
globe. Their passion sparked Green Goat, a brand of Goat Partners International led by Jan A.
van Marwijk Kooy, a CEO who deeply believes in the vision to deliver the highest quality goat
milk to families across the nation.

Why Goat Milk?
Brimming with nutrition, goat milk gives you more vitamins and minerals in each glass than any
other milk or milk alternative. With every serving you are getting 28% more calcium, 27% more
magnesium, 40% more iron, and 20% more phosphorus when compared to cow milk.
Green Goat’s whole goat milk powder has the added benefit of providing 50% of your daily
folate needs in every serving with QuatrefolicTM, a readily absorbable bioactive folate necessary
for health from the prenatal period and infancy through to pregnancy and adulthood.
Both nourishing and gentle, goat milk is known as the “universal milk” because it is naturally
easier to digest and hypoallergenic for most people. How is this? The difference lies in the
proteins and fat.

Goat milk is naturally made up of the preferred A2 beta-casein and contains 50% less of the
allergenic alpha s1 casein protein. Having less alpha s1 casein also means a softer, smaller
protein curd that is easier for your body to break down efficiently.
Goat milk has 25% smaller fat globules and 67% more medium chain triglycerides, adding a
great source of heart healthy fats that are also digested quite efficiently. This is wonderful news
for cow milk intolerant folks!

When you give goodness, you get goodness back.
What makes Green Goat’s goat milk so special is their passion and commitment to the
wellbeing of their goats, sustainable farming, and total food transparency.
“We are all goat lovers first,” says Jan. “Our incredible farmers are dedicated to ensuring their
goats are happy, healthy and lead rich, active lives.” Their farms raise predominantly Saanen,
Nubian, and Alpine breeds in a nurturing environment that provides lots of space to roam, highquality nutritious crops, and they are never administered any artificial growth hormones.

The cleanest possible milk.

Green Goat produces the very first non-GMO project verified and glyphosate-residue free
certified whole goat milk products in shelf-stable milk powder, with locked-in freshness,
ensuring the purest goat milk meets your taste buds.

Green Goat’s whole goat milk comes in a shelf-stable Tetra Pak, another first and a favorite for
those who like stocking up. Loved for its smooth and creamy taste, Green Goat whole goat milk
is perfect poured cold, as a coffee creamer, or in a smoothie.

And for anyone who enjoys baking and creating, Green Goat’s whole goat milk powder is a
kitchen staple for an incredible number of uses. Whip up wholesome smoothies, yoghurt, ice
cream, pancakes, baked goods and savory dishes in a cinch or make your very own soothing
soaps, lotions, and bath bombs.

Most of the herd are British Saanen goats but there are also a few Toggenburg and Alpine goats

OU Kosher – Securing Green Goat’s success in the market
Our partnership with Orthodox Union is an essential ingredient to our success. When it comes
to ensuring best manufacturing practices the Orthodox Union has set the bar and continues to
uphold the most trusted and recognized standards for certification. With OU Kosher certification, Green
Goat can meet its vision and mission to produce the best product possible so that everyone can
enjoy the difference high quality goat milk makes.