Dream Pops began with an ambitious dream to create real, ingredient-driven, 100% plant-based desserts. David Greenfeld, Founder and CEO of Dream Pops, has always been crazy about ice cream. But every time he took a trip down the frozen aisle, he was shocked that an overwhelming majority of frozen treats were still full of ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, soy lecithin, guar gum, artificial flavors… the list goes on.

Despite being irresistibly delicious, his favorite treats were undeniably unhealthy and unsustainable. Unable to fathom a world without them, David put together an amazing team of food innovators, brand builders, and health nuts to design the ice cream of the future.  

Dream Pops’ first two frozen products – the Dream Pop and the Dream Pops Bite – showcase their obsession with quality, design, and a commitment to building iconic products with true innovation and differentiation. Vegan, <100 calories, and packed with superfoods, David’s dream for the perfect better-for-you ice cream came true.  

But, what started as a goal to reimagine frozen desserts has quickly evolved with their ever-growing ambitions. With Dream Pops’ new line of shelf-stable sweet staples, they’re on a quest to fill not only the freezers but also the pantries of sweet-tooths around the world. Long term, Dream Pops wants to re-engineer every single dessert experience known to mankind.  

The OU Kosher Difference  

Creating desserts of the future means forging strong partnerships with trusted certification agencies like OU. Dream Pops is obsessive about ingredients and quality, so knowing OU carefully reviews all ingredients, production equipment, and processes before granting its seal made us all the more dedicated to getting the OU stamp of approval.  “Dream Pops and OU put the highest priority on quality ingredients and production processes. Getting certified by OU was a no-brainer for the team” said David Greenfeld, Dream Pops CEO and Co-Founder.