Réserve Royale
Handcrafted in Belgium in small quantities using local ingredients, Réserve Royale is the result of our well-known Belgian brewery. Réserve Royale represent our vision of the 21st century beer that can be served with prideat the most prestigious tables or simply be sipped in the sun while relaxing at the beach – a product to exceed the desires of the modern consumer and the one that will change our perception of beer forever.

Packaged in a clear champagne bottle with 18k gold printings, Réserve Royale has won the Gold Medal at World Beer Awards 2016 in the “Best Belgian Beer” category, which demonstrates our commitment to put the quality at the heart of our priorities.

Our extent
As the exclusive beer partner of the famous event Dinner in The Sky, Réserve Royale has been served by more than 30 Michelin starred chefs. Réserve Royale is also the partner of several other prestigious events and institutions such as Tram Experience, Beaux-Arts, Bozar, Mudam, Elite model look Belgium…As the representative of our savoir-faire, we are served in several Belgian embassies throughout the World but also the only beer to be served by Belgian Foreign Affair minister during official events.
Featured and plebiscite in tens of national and international medias, it is with pride that we represent the heritage of our country in press medias by giving a modern and high-ended vision of Belgian beer.

Smooth, creamy, light, balanced with fine bubbles
Alcohol: 6.8% / Plato Degree 13° / IBU 25 /EBC7
Yeast deposit, representative of the quality of ourbeer

But there’s more…
La Petite Reserve is the little sister of Réserve Royale and is a 21st century beer which combines bold and authentic flavors. Made in small quantities in an artisanal way, it comes from high quality local ingredients. La Petite Réserve is the magical result of a high fermentation and a second fermentation in thebottle, which creates surprising exotic fruits and citrus aromas, revealed by a subtle bitterness.