Clean Remedies is a family-owned and operated Hemp manufacturer of Superior Hemp Extract products that are USDA Certified Organic, and newly Orthodox Union Kosher Certified brand as well. Our story started over ten years ago with the tragic loss of a loved one. This event forever changed our lives and set us on a new path to create alternative self-care products that promote wellness throughout the entire body. We pride ourselves on the extra steps taken to ensure every product is the cleanest it can be, not just for the body but for the environment as well. The environmentally friendly practice of using glass packaging is our first choice; however, when plastic is used, it is a biodegradable blend of material. We carefully handcraft each small-batch blend in our ISO-7 lab. In a nonregulated industry, in addition to our organic and kosher certifications, this assures stores and consumers they are using a product of the highest quality and efficacy available.

In the very competitive industry of CBD products, our name, Clean Remedies, is precisely what it says. Having the OU Kosher symbol on our products is another endorsement of the quality of our product and sets us even further apart from many of the other brands. We are thrilled to be certified by the world’s most recognized kosher symbol and company. The Orthodox Union Kosher symbol is widely respected and trusted in the industry as their vetting process is extremely detailed and thorough.  We realize the value of having this symbol on our products and how it brings increased marketability in addition to being a preferred choice to the consumer.

As the Chief Operations Officer and Compliance Officer, it is my job to make sure our commitment to quality is continuous at every level throughout the process. By obtaining the Orthodox Union stamp of approval, it proves, Clean Remedies has met and exceeded these self-imposed quality requirements from ingredients to the handling of our products.  As our brand continues to grow, the partnership with the OU aligns perfectly with our commitment to quality and providing our customers and their families, products they can trust.

We are excited to be a part of the OU certified family and look forward to many more years of success with the OU.