Welcome to Chomptown—population YUMhundred!

Packed with naturally nutritious nut butters, Chomptown cookies provide wholesome sustaining energy, deliciously! Made to get you through everything from work day to work out, their chunky, brownie-like texture is so richly decadent, you’ll wonder how we made a gluten-free / dairy-free protein cookie taste this good.

Created by professional pastry chef and devoted mom, Joanne Adirim, Chomptown Cookies are a dairy-free, gluten-free protein cookie. They are as packed with flavor as they are with wholesome, energy-sustaining nutrition. It took months of rigorous experimenting and taste-testing (tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it!) to hit on this perfect recipe. And perfect it is: Chomptown protein cookies are so incredibly soft, dense, and delicious, you’ll want to take big huge bites. (We didn’t call them “Chomptown” for nothing!)

History in the Making

Chomptown’s founder, Joanne Adirim, has been in the baking business for over 25 years. Creating gourmet desserts for restaurants, coffee houses and major grocery companies around the country. Joanne’s interest in creating dairy free & gluten free protein cookies stems from her youngest child’s dairy allergy and her own interest in eating higher protein foods that supports her families healthy lifestyle. While there are countless protein cookies & bars on the market today, many of them are inedible.

Joanne believes good cookies don’t have to be bad for you, and good-for-you cookies don’t have to taste bad. So she set out to create a clean, honest to goodness cookie that actually tastes and eats like a real cookie. Elevating the experience without the tradeoffs.

The Power of the OU

As the founder of Chomptown and personally, Joanne understands the need for kashrut certification. Never compromising in any aspect of her business she knew Chomptown had to be OU certified. OU is by far the most recognized of all kosher agencies and not only for the kosher community, but the world at large. When the OU symbol is displayed people are assured that the product can be trusted.