Chewy’s Rugelach

Chewys Rugulach begins with a delicate finger pastry made with a light, flaky, cream-cheese dough. This dough is wrapped around delicious fruit & nut fillings & then infused with cinnamon & brown sugar. When you first bite into a Chewys Rugulach, you notice the crisp layers of golden pastry – so flaky & delicately sweet. With your next bites, you savor the luscious, moist filling. As you continue to enjoy the final morsels, you already anticipate the pleasure of another Chewys Rugulach, and then another, and another….. All of Chewys Rugulach products are baked & packed daily in order to assure only the freshest products. All of Chewys Rugulach products are Certified Kosher Dairy by the Orthodox Union.