Buff Bake was founded in February 2014 in Newport Beach, CA by our team with the idea in mind to create a line of protein enhanced treats, full of flavor, without the guilt! Over the course of 4 years, our product line has expanded from Buffins (buff muffins) to include Protein Nut Butters, in flavors such as birthday cake, chocolate chip, and cookie dough.

To us being Kosher means that we’ve taken an additional step to ensure that our products are made and produced using the highest quality ingredients and care. The hormone free-whey protein used in our products is made with kosher certified dairy and our products are manufactured in an OU approved facility. Adding Kosher allows us to more effectively say that our brand can now be enjoyed by anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Buff Bake’s snacks provide your body with the fuel it needs for any activity. Whether you need an on-the-go pick me up, a boost before or after a workout, or just a quick snack for your kids, Buff Bake is the snack your body is craving – full of flavor, protein, natural ingredients and is now Kosher Certified!

Thank you for choosing us to be your healthier go to snack!