Big Red, Inc.

There’s a lot of soda out there, but there’s always room for something new, especially when it comes to natural diet soda. We tried what was out there and weren’t satisfied with the flavor or the formula. It tasted bitter at the end, and despite being natural, there were too many ingredients.
When we think of natural, we think light, clean, and refreshing. When we think of diet, we think that means having our cake and eating it too. What does that mean? It means we ditched any unnecessary additives and pointed the spotlight at a small number of the right ingredients, ingredients for the perfect go-to soda.

SANS is the next generation of natural diet soda, a partnership of pure ingredients and uncompromising taste. We use only stevia to sweeten SANS, the purest stevia available from our friends at Cargill. A meticulously crafted blend of flavors and the perfect balance of carbonation result in pure soda with just the right amount of fizz. SANS is also free of gluten, genetically-modified ingredients, and sugar alcohols.