The company’s mission is to solve the considerable technical issues that are preventing mass market food products from being produced naturally.

As consumer awareness of healthy eating has become more widespread, the trend of moving products toward ‘clean label’ has been on the rise. Although this is a common strategy, loopholes in labeling laws allow chemical components to be disguised under seemingly clean labels.

At Amarlane Foods, we are passionate about making honest, wholesome food accessible to everyone. We set out to create products which contain nothing but pure food that are both economical to the average consumer as well as authentically natural. Using innovation to solve technical challenges, we create fully functional and competitive natural food products for the mass market.


The first project we tackled was margarine, which is a cornerstone issue for many products that don’t currently have a viable natural alternative. In creating this product, issues like taste, texture, melting profile and emulsification had to be solved in natural, novel and innovative ways. After three years of development, Betterine, our first product, is now available for sale at select retailers in the Northeast.  Betterine is a vegan and fully natural replacement for butter that functions just as butter does and can be replaced at a 1:1 ratio. Made from naturally steam refined coconut oil, it lacks the coconut flavor so it doesn’t affect the taste of the recipes that you love.

We are proud to be certified by OU Kosher, one of the most widely recognized Kosher symbols, in order to better to serve the Kosher community.