The (No Longer) Hidden Benefits of OU Kosher

Apparently, OU Kosher’s renowned inspection-expertise carries unexpected benefits.

An OU Kosher client recently sent us some labels for review. We noticed that there wasn’t any OU Kosher symbol on them. I inquired as to why he was sending these labels. He explained that the last time he sent us label samples, we caught several printing errors.

In the client’s previous submission of labels, we had noticed that the country-of-origin statement didn’t match the plant for which the item in question was requested. In addition, we found a number of typos in the ingredient panel, which were promptly corrected prior to printing.

He was hoping that, before they went to print, OU Kosher could put its expert eyes to work again.

The OU Kosher team pays great attention to product labels. We carefully review the ingredients displayed to make sure they match our schedule A (list of ingredients) for the plant, and that any allergen disclaimers match our knowledge of what would normally be handled in the facility. Labels can give us a head’s up on new equipment that the plant hadn’t warned us were brought into the facility (such as a label showing grilled potatoes in a plant previously only authorized todo fried items), or changes in methods (such as tuna pouches in a plant previously authorized to only produce hard cans).

The fact that this customer now considered the OU Kosher label review as part of his pre-printing process was a welcomed benefit, unknown to him prior to becoming OU Kosher certified.

OU Direct –Another Great OU Kosher Plus

OU Direct, our in-house database of products, available to both consumers and industrial clients, continues to be an invaluable resource for our customers, making it easy to find the products we certify. It also serves as an OU Kosher agency tool, allowing us to access potential suppliers of raw ingredients that might otherwise be hard to come by.

An OU Kosher contract packer mentioned that he was looking for ideas of suppliers for a very specific organic item and was having a frustrating time finding kosher suppliers online.A quick search on OU Direct showed him three regional producers with a wide product range of that organic item. In addition, he had no need to ask the supplier if the supplier had the ability to make that organic item OU Certified.

Additional benefits of the OU Kosher’s program include documented and verified ingredient composition, storage, usage, and cleaning practices. In fact, this information became critical in a recall event concerning the potential cross-contact of milk allergen. Using the OU Kosher program requirements along with the its assurance of compliant parve manufacturing, government regulating agencies determined the affected consumer finished goods were not considered a health risk and therefore not subject to recall.

The verdict is in. And it’s unanimous.The OU Kosher symbol enhances your brand identity, marketing plan –and a whole lot more.

Rabbi Chaim Goldberg has been manning the fish desk at the OU for 15 years, managing roughly 400 OU certified manufacturing plants and traveling to five continents to inspect and establish kosher protocols at processing plants of all types. Rabbi Goldberg’s tackle box can be found inhis family home in Brooklyn, NY.

OU Kosher Staff