Bright and Beautiful, the OU Guide to Passover is Now Available; Order Now While Supplies Last

March 20, 2014

Passover guide

The holiday is old but the Guide is new. With a completely fresh and innovative design and new features, the Orthodox Union’s 2014 Guide to Passover is now available for order at With a print run of close to 100,000 the Guide, as always, will be much in demand, and ordering early is a must while supplies last.

Besides the usual list of items requiring the OU-P symbol or merely the year-round OU, the 96-page Guide will contain:

  • Passover FAQs
  • A primer on koshering your kitchen, with helpful and easy to follow diagrams
  • Passover Seder shiurim
  • Passover recipe substitutes
  • Information about kitniyot, and quinoa, newly under OU supervision this Passover
  • A new guide to Bedikas Chametz by Rabbi Eli Eleff, OU Kosher rabbinic coordinator
  • Medicines and non-food items that may be used on Passover.

The Guide is free-of-charge to OU members and all who receive the OU’s Jewish Action Magazine. They will be arriving together this week to most locations. Others may inquire with their local shul, school, or retailer as to whether a bulk order for the Guide has been placed with the OU. Order information is available online at The full range of information in this year’s Guide, and as well as a PDF download, is available at Information from the Guide can also be accessed through the OU Kosher app, available for IOS and Android.

For those unable to obtain a printed copy, the Guide will be available to read online at

Edited by David Olivestone, recently retired OU Director of Communications, now an OU consultant, who edited the Passover Guide for years, and Carrie Beylus, OU Director of Design and Branding, the Guide features a bright and highly attractive design by a newcomer to the OU graphics staff, Ellianna Schwab. In addition, in recognition of the size of the Orthodox communities in New York City suburbs of The Five Towns of Long Island and Teaneck and Lakewood in New Jersey, various zmanim for each will be included.

According Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of OU Kosher, “A spring bestseller in the Jewish community is always the OU Passover Guide.  This year, the publication will have a new look and new features, but will remain of great value for those who seek a meaningful and kosher Passover. Second only to the Haggadah, it is the indispensable book for the Jewish home at Passover.”

For those unable to order their copy online, contact Eli Lebowicz at 212-613-8290, or